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You Bring the Skills, We Bring Opportunity!

Stephen Payne’s unprecedented success in Europe came as a result of the Next Level ID Camp he attended in the summer of 2016. After getting discovered by scouts who attended the camp, Payne was given the opportunity to display his skills and be interviewed by several coaches, recruiters, and agents representing professional clubs in France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Portugal, just to name a few.

Payne’s sister Toni recently signed to play for Ajax women’s professional club in Amsterdam. A standout at Duke University, Toni also received some looks by some of the same soccer professionals who are scheduled to appear at the 2017 Next Level ID Camp. Other players from the area, such as Holland Rula and Tanner Tessman, attended the camp in 2016 and have piqued the interest of clubs in Portugal, including Estoril Praia, Stephen Payne’s current club.

In 2016, The Next Level ID Camp had only one trainer and one scout in attendance. In 2017, however, more than a dozen trainers, coaches, and scouts will be on hand. Ton Poldner, the agent who negotiated Toni Payne’s deal with Ajax and the owner of Universal Soccer Consultants Ltd., will also be in attendance. The Next Level ID Camp will provide players from around the region the best opportunity to be seen by talent scouts from around the world and to learn what it will take to move their game to the next level and beyond.

More about Stephen Payne

The Alabama native and former Vestavia standout has always dreamed of playing soccer in Europe. Now that he has that opportunity, he can’t wait for his chance to give it his all. Even if it does mean learning a new language along the way.

“The coaches told me they liked my pace, how I can run by defenders and use my speed, and also how I can use my skill and technical ability to beat players 1v1,” he adds. “They liked my aggressiveness at attacking forward, and just taking on players were my strengths they liked.”

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